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Faith Explodes in Bill Winston’s Faith Conference

Join Bill Winston Ministries for the 14th annual Faith Conference, September 11-16, 2011 at www.2011ifc.com/.  This year’s line up includes:  Bishop Tudor Bismark, Kenneth Copeland, Dr. Jesse Duplantis, Bishop David Oyedepo, Dr. Creflo Dollar, and Dr. Bill Winston.

Watch online or make your way to Chicago, IL.  Either way–BE THERE!


3 Steps to Stop Being a Jerk: No. 1…Shut Up!

How to Become a More Loving Christian in Layman’s Terms


So you’ve been a little irritable lately.  Maybe irritable is an understatement.  All the symptoms are there.  You consistently walk by the mirror and notice a permanent stinky-face expression.  Perhaps you’ve been de-friended by a couple of your closest Facebook friends.  Women are grabbing their children as you walk by.  It’s bad, isn’t it?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.  I know, you say, but I can’t seem to get out of this rut.  I just don’t really like anybody, right now…especially myself.  Before you curl into a corner, there’s hope, there’s help.  But it’s going to take some tough love to receive it.

Now we can sit down and pontificate in the King James as to why you need to stop behaving like you forgot your home training, or we can be really clear, really direct.  Let’s choose the clear and direct route.  Sound good?  So tell me how to be jerk-free, already.  Gird your loins, and let’s get to it.

No. 1 Shut Up: Be slow to speak…like really slow. Jerks come in all shapes, sizes, and ages, but one of the things that clones them alike is that blasted mouth.  It’s like the Energizer Bunny…it keeps going and going and going.  James 3:5 hits it on the head when it says, “A word out of your mouth may seem of no account, but it can accomplish nearly anything—or destroy it! [The Message]”  James describes our words as a spark that can set off a forest fire.  Imagine that!  Actually, you may not have to imagine at all.  Just remember the last time you ran your mouth, and look what happened.  It wasn’t pretty, was it?

Our words have power, and God has commanded (yes, commanded) us to choose them wisely because we’re going to have to eventually fess up to every word we have spoken [Matthew 12:36-37].

What to do:  Try taking a moment before you open your mouth.  Seriously, take a moment.  Give your conversations some breathing room, and watch what the Spirit does.  That moment will give you time to hear the Spirit edit your speech.  He’s always talking.  We just have to close our mouths long enough to hear Him.  Yes, at first it may feel a little strange, but it will save you from looking strange.  Remember, being a jerk usually means you’re careless with your mouth, so in the words of just about any Mike Myers character, loud and Scottish:  SHUT IT!

Stay tuned: the next steps to jerk-freedom are approaching.  But let’s work on this one first!


James 3:1-12

Psalms 4:23-24

RESOURCES (Go ahead, click on the link.)

The Mouth Has a Mind of Its Own by Joyce Meyer (Online Article)

The Words of My Mouth by Bill Winston (Confessions and Scriptures: Be sure to scroll to the bottom.)

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