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Supernatural Restoration: God Heals New Mother of Blood Clots

The Mall of Faith spoke with a new mother who testifies that she was miraculously healed of blood clots that threatened to take her life.  Offering no explanation other than Jesus, she shares her story:


“Last October, three weeks after having a baby boy (Tyler), I developed blood clots in my abdomen, groin, leg, foot, and lung—almost the entire left side of my body. I was in critical condition for about five days, and the doctor told me I should have died during my c-section. An emergency surgery team was assembled down the hall from my hospital room just in case my lung collapsed or my heart stopped.

After my release from the hospital, I had to use a walker. My leg was so full of clots that I could barely walk.  I needed assistance getting to the bathroom and doing simple things like opening the refrigerator door.  My mother and everyone at her church, in addition to my prayer group, began to pray to God for a miracle.

While I was in the hospital, I read my Bible, and the LORD gave me scriptures concerning healing and restoration.  I confessed those scriptures and believed God for my healing. He led me to anoint my body, from head to toe with oil, and claim my healing. He also led me to send emails to churches around the country, asking for healing prayer.  When I got home from the hospital, I would browse the Internet, and send prayer requests to different churches in various states. My mom also asked one of the elders at her church to come and pray for me.

Less than two months after my diagnosis, all of the clots miraculously disappeared. My doctor told me that clots usually don’t just go away. They often harden and become part of your veins, causing extensive damage and difficulty walking. Some people lose their leg. My doctors said they can’t explain what happened, but I know it was Jesus.

Three weeks ago, I gave my testimony at my mother’s church, and I did a praise dance for the first time in nine years. God is good. And He still heals supernaturally.”

Have you been putting up with sickness or disease?  Do you need healing today?  Well, the Word says that Jesus came to heal all our diseases and ailments.  He did it as free a gift.  Why don’t you lift your hands, right now, and receive your healing?  Say something like, “Jesus, I believe what You did for me.  You are my healer.  I receive your free gift now.”  Remember, it’s a gift with no conditions.  He loves you!  All He asks is for you to believe that He is your healer.


Please tell us your testimony.  We are always looking to spread the news of the goodness of God.  We’d enjoy hearing from you.  Click here.


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One thought on “Supernatural Restoration: God Heals New Mother of Blood Clots

  1. Quon just shared a testimony with us…

    “I am at witness to this story of healing, in 2009 God healed me in a day of a blood clot in my left arm. At the time I went into the hospital because of right arm pain after observation they found a clot in my right arm. The following day I was told to follow up with all kinds of specialist and and a sonogram was done again and the clot was gone . Praise and Glory to the most High God who is worthy to be praised ! Glory Glory Glory to the Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come. Yesterday the enemy tried to attack my body again with a blood clot in my left arm but you know what I am still praising God !!! As he healed me before he shall do it again ! Glory Glory Glory I am the property of the almighty God whose power no foe can withstand and I give sickness no place in me ! Hallelujah !!!”

    Amen, Quon!

    Posted by The Mall of Faith | July 2, 2012, 10:46 am

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